Always and Only

“Always and Only” by Holly Sheidenberger

Scrolling through my phone… I freeze.

There she is, gazing deep into the soul I remember having.

They called me arrogant, narcissistic, shallow. But she knew better.

She saw me.

We were friends, best friends. She wanted more, but I wanted success.

I missed her when we drifted apart, but I knew there would be other girls. Plenty of fish in the sea.

Time passed and passed and passed. Now I am successful. Somewhat.

I have thought of her on certain days, when the sun is bright and we would have gone laughing to the park, so long ago.

Now this photo, suddenly haunting me. Her eyes seem to search me, challenge me, remind me of the life we could have had.

My proud façade conceals my private regret, the truth known only to myself.

There will always and only, ever be her.