Current Books

Current Books

Here are the books I currently have available:

Related By Blood Series

Part 1:  Available here:  Related By Blood: Part 1
Part 2:  Available here:  Related By Blood: Part 2
Part 3:  Coming January 2019
Part 4: Coming January 2019
Part 5: Coming February 2019
Part 6: Coming February 2019
Part 7: Coming March 2019
Part 8: Coming March 2019
Part 9: Coming April 2019
Part 10: Coming April 2019

FREE Books

Part 1 of Related By Blood is currently available FREE:
Related By Blood: Part 1

Free Kindle Reading App

You don’t need a Kindle device to download the books.  Read on your own device with the Kindle Reading App for iOS, Android, Mac & PC.

Get the app here:   Free Kindle Reading App

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I’ve included links to the Kindle Reading App and free trial of Kindle Unlimited for your convenience.  In order to do this I’m required to tell you that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.