“Kindness” by Holly Sheidenberger

That little kid is screaming so loud his poor mother probably can’t even hear the old bag berating her.

“That child needs some discipline,” the old witch hisses.

Maybe I can help. I set my phone to record and cross the parking lot to the bitter old woman.

“Might I interview you for a podcast on the subject of kindness?” I ask. She pastes on a smile and fixes her hair.

“Oh yes, I always taught my own children to be kind,” she says, glaring at the tantrumming toddler.

“I’m sure our viewers would love to see a good example,” I say, dragging her over to the young mother’s car. “Why don’t you give her a hand.”

The old lady reluctantly unloads the bags from the cart into the trunk, while the mother buckles the now-subdued child into the car.

“Mission accomplished,” I whisper.

I sneak away, chuckling. I don’t really have a podcast.