Secret Club

“Secret Club” by Holly Sheidenberger

The kids in my class had a secret club. So cool.

Till they tricked me into missing the meeting by lying about the time.

Sadistic jerks.

My therapist told me to start my own club.

I invited the two coolest dudes from work, Andy and Kent, to join.

They were totally pumped, I could tell. Looking at their phones the whole conversation. Checking their calendars. Clearing their schedules.

The dudes won’t even discuss the club. Got to keep it confidential.

I texted them the password, code names, and the secret handshake.

This club is going to rock. Andy and Kent are lucky I picked them.

Sucks that they’re late. Forty-five minutes late. The Red Vine straws are dissolving in the root beer and the Cheetos are getting stale.

I know they’re stoked about this. Wonder where they are.

They’ll be here.


They will.