Secret of Bliss

“Secret of Bliss” by Holly Sheidenberger

Barb was mean.

Her husband left her long ago, and her children couldn’t wait to move out.

She cut her hair short and moved to the country with her Chihuahua.

Last March she treated herself to a visit to the City. She had been away too long.

She caught a peculiar sight: a woman pushing a dog in a baby stroller.

Enthralled, Barb followed the woman to a café.

The woman and her dog got a table, so Barb got a table too.

The woman cooed at the dog like a baby. She shared her food with it and let it lick her face. They both looked so happy.

Barb knew she had found the secret of bliss.

Now she dresses her Chihuahua in baby clothes and kisses it on the mouth.

Unfortunately, she is still mean.