Holly has been a tap dancer, a gourmet cook, a theatre producer, a nanny, an actress, and an award-winning seamstress of Victorian costumes.  She has performed in Ireland, survived a mugging, and managed the office of one of the biggest labor unions in Los Angeles.

She’s the wife of a composer and musician working in Hollywood, and the mother and primary educator of their four daughters.

Living in Arizona has taught her that it’s not hot outside until your eyeballs are burning.

* * * * *

She was going to be late.  Again.

Her blonde braids bounced as she walked, too slow, to her destination.

Reading, always reading, holding the book up right in front of her eyes as she walked.

The magical book unleashed the power of her imagination.

Each chapter brought a new adventure.  She could be all the different people she wanted to be.

In the First Chapter, she became a jubilant dancer, leaping, tapping, and branding the world with a slappity-smack, stomp-POPP everywhere she went.

So dazzled was she with the endless possibilities of life, that by Chapter Two she became a spirited actress, experiencing all that humanity has to offer.

She tried out the role of Gal Friday in Chapter Three, sassing all the other working stiffs in the Big City.

In Chapter Four she met a gifted musical genius.  They wed and produced a series of gorgeous baby girls.

Now she’s just beginning Chapter Five, and she’s decided to write the rest of the book herself.

Blonde braids long gone, she still hasn’t reached her destination.

But she has made one important discovery:

There’s no such thing as “late.”