Losing (Rachel)

“Losing (Rachel)” by Holly Sheidenberger

Rachel was compelled to focus on someone other than herself at all times.

Otherwise, she’d have to face her own demons.

Current target was Emily. At school pick-up, Rachel shot out of her car like a bullet.

“Emily…!” she wheedled. “You twiggy thing. Look at you, you’re getting to be skin and bones. No offense.”

Emily’s lips pressed into a tight smile, suppressing a saucy retort.

But Rachel couldn’t let it go.

“What are you, on some kind of a fad diet? I hope you’re not starving yourself,” said the meddler. “That’s a dangerous example for your daughter. Just sayin’. I saw this movie on TV about a perfectly normal girl who caught anorexia and almost died–“

Unsure how to defend herself for daring to change, Emily faltered.

Rachel pounced.

“Are you sure this is even safe? You look sallow. Girl, you need a sandwich–“

Emily edged away, leaving Rachel standing alone, embalmed in self-disgust.