Three Rows Back

“Three Rows Back” by Holly Sheidenberger

There he was, three rows back, wearing a t-shirt and blazer, and the beaded necklace with the secret meaning.

He was alone.

The love I’d buried like a seed deep in my soul suddenly blossomed into life.

But he didn’t want me, I reminded myself.

Tears of longing fell as I felt his presence burning into me from three rows back.

I turned and he was gone, his seat as empty as my hope.

Then a rustling in my row, a faint “excuse me,” and a tight squeeze. His body was close enough to touch mine.

He tenderly stroked my cheek and said, “Come.” I gratefully obeyed.

He’s laying in bed with me now, shirtless, wearing the beaded necklace and the wedding ring that matches mine.

That was ten years ago, and I love him even more now than I did then.